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EVE Online market trends at your fingertips

EVE Markets is a free tool enabling you to check global price trends in Eve. Create your own 'watch lists' and subscribe via RSS to keep tabs on the market from wherever you are. See the most - and least - popular items and keep a check on inflation.

Register free to customise your data

Pre-defined public lists of every market group and major category are available - but if that doesn't fit your needs, register for EVE Markets free and you'll be able to create your own item lists. View them here or download them, through RSS, XML or JSON feeds. The site works through the in-game browser, too, so you'll never need to be in the dark.

Powered by EVE-Central

EVE Markets is powered by the EVE-Central API, run entirely on user-submitted data. Uploading market data to EVE-Central helps improve this tool and many more like it.


EVE Markets has data for the last 3310 days.

The most common item is Tritanium with 171,326,157,615 units in open buy/sell orders.

Latest price is Barbican Index with median price 1.00 ISK.